Part I October 2013

Part II May 2014

Interactive art Exhibition

Little Stories In The Sand: Reconstructed Identities

Radiant Hall Studios

Installation of boxes full of soft sea sand surrounded by miniatures objects. The exhibition is a process and presentation that take place while visitors become active participants. The random visitors are invited to play and use imagination while creating in a small sand tray container an installation of a small world.  By creating the installation it is possible to play and refer to a story, a segment of event, a thought or a statement. This process-installation create an option for reconstructing a personal story through artistic means. The visual story may be driven from the objects/symbols can be unconscious process and or a conscious experience.

Stories manifest situations, scripts, state of mind, identity, relationships, and more. The presentation of the story-installation is open for interpretation by the viewer, it present its self by symbols in a specific setting and relations between the objects in it pre-chosen sand tray. The creators are invited to reflect on their installation in writing a story , a poem, a statement etc and other viewers are invited to write a short story on a chosen installation.

The sand as material brings another dimension of softness, fluidity, a space to hide, disappear and be covered by sand or appears and reviled from the sand. The use of readymade objects, the chosen object, it’s symbolic meaning in relation to other objects in the contained setting create its own story.

The tray/container gives a ground and holding to the preformed or projected stories that holds notion of the self and may hold just as much notion of the viewer’s story and as such can be re-narrated.

This exhibition is partially interactive. There are sand boxes ready for the visitors to use and create their own stories.

*Sand tray is a symbolic projective therapeutic approach used in the art therapy field that provide a nonverbal tool to understand notions and state of self.

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