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Artist Statement

Dafna Rehavia

There are life events that I find so provoking ,disturbing, heart breaking and dehumanizing that I have to respond and critically raise my visual voice in hope that it will bring awareness and make some changes in people minds and activism.  The political issues are often personal or become personal issues that create much pain and rage.

My work is informed by a critical, feminist multiculturalism and deals with survival, identity and healing. I am concerned with the artistic themes of presence and absence, visible and invisible, recognition and erasure that relate to human experiences. Visually I touch upon the fine line that divide, combined or touch these opposites themes, the meeting seem.  I am interested in the form as complementary to its content and vise versa.

The materials I work with once combined in various juxtapositions are, for me, embodied with a complementary or conflicting cultural and psychological value and content. I have used and combined objects such as menstrual pads, earth, passports, dried garlic, nails, prayer rugs, gas masks, hair, soap, prayer books and other printed r written text. I use materials such as clay, plaster, resin, cardboard, paper and various fabrics. As a mixed media artists  I make  collage, assemblage, fiber art and installation. Within my art the juxtaposition of materials creates a dialogue of oppositions in the materials and ideas and expresses questions about existence.


BFA & BED , Fine Arts. Beit Berl, Hamidrasha. Israel   

MA CAT  Art Therapy, Drexel   University, Philadelphia, USA

PhD  Therapeutic Arts, Psychology & Cultural Studies. Derby University, UK

Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh.


RELATIONSHIPS -  Mixed Media Sculpture, Framhous, Jssk  Gallery,  PSA Guild, Pittsburgh, PA US - 2016

CUTTING I - Mixed Media Fiber , AGORA Gallery, Chelsea International , New York City, NY  - 2015

TICKING TIME - Triptych assemblage, AAP Gild.  Pittsburgh  Center for the Arts. ,Pittsburgh, PA, US 2006

KOSHER CRUSADE - Installation, Print Guild,   Pittsburgh  Center for the Arts, PA US  2004

List of Selected Exhibition


  • Thin Skin, AAP exhibtion,. Jill Larson Curator. Framhouse & Jask Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
  • Cutting, Group A 75 years celebrations, Vicky Clark Curator. Pittsburgh Ceter for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Behind Closed Doors, Annual AAP exhibtion, Taras Matla curator. Southside Works,Pittsburgh PA
  • Sentiment, sociocultural project on migration. Books Artfair and Groupe Art Exhibtion. Kimi Hanauer Editor and Curator. PS1 New York, NY
  • Scar, Fiberart Annual. Jeanne Beck Curator. Harlenn Gallery Greensburg, PA.
  • Realationships, Small works, Group A. Graham Shearing Curator. Framehouse Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA
  • My American Flag, National show, Reto Thuring corator,. Hoyt Museum of Art, New Castle, PA
  • Entagel, Group A, Christin Wheeler Juror, Irma Freeman gallery space Pittsburgh, PA.


  • Remnants, Framehouse & Jask Gallery, 'Small Works' Group A. Curating Graham Sharing. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Contemporaneous, Alphabet City Space, AAP, 'Big Sculptures'  curating Tara Fay Colman.  Pittsburgh. PA
  • Entity, The Artsmiths' Gallery, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. Curating Jill Larson, Pittsburgh. PA
  • Signs on Walls. Framehouse & Jask Gallery Space. Pittsburgh , PA
  • My American Flag, BLUE, Fiber-Art curated exhibition . Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Art & Entrepreneurial Forum Exhibit event, Mattress Factory , Pittsburgh, PA


  •      Art advocacy speaks; art for social change.  Spinning Plate, Pittsburgh, PA (International)

·        Footsteps In The Sand, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts,  Pittsburgh, PA (SOLO)

·        Cutting, (FGM) Fiber International,  Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA (International)

·        Relationships, Small Works, FrameHouse & Jask galley, PSA, Pittsburgh, PA (AWARD)

·        Re new Festival. GPAC Pittsburgh exhibition. Pittsburgh, PA.

·        Slippery Rock University, Global images of U.S. Women. US (Traveling Exhibition)


·        Cycle, Chatham University Gallery. Curated exhibition. Micro/Macrocosms. Pittsburgh,  PA.

  •     Cutting I-V, Ago 

·        Lost Game, Carnegie International Response, 3ed St. .Gallery Carnegie, PA

·        Menstrual Wedding Dress, Venues Madonna & Eve. Int. Images, Sewickley, PA


·      Annual PSA, Father Ryan’s Art Center, McKee’s Rocks, PA

·      Sanctuary, Panza Gallery, Melville, PA

·      IN VISIBLE: When personal is Political, Modernformations Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA . (SOLO)


·   Veterans Expression. FE Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA


·   Collective, Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                         

·   Shelter, One Mellon Center Gallery, Society for Contemporary Craft. Pittsburgh, PA.               


·   Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

·   Thread from the Body to Soul, Borelli Eduard Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.

·   Earth, Holocaust Memorial Exhibition, Lesley University Art Gallery Boston, MS


·   ‘Earth and Fire’, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, PCA, Pittsburgh, PA. (AWARD)


·   ‘Testimony’ American Art Therapy Association, Sheraton, Chicago, IL

·   Inside Out, Mendelson Gallery Pittsburgh, PA (SOLO)


·   Women’s Reflection, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA                                                                       


·   Witticisms, Criticisms, Cynicism, Print group Guild, PCA, Pittsburgh, PA.( AWARD)


·   Open Spaces. Sarah Arman. Tel Aviv, Israel (SOLO)


Art Awards

2016    Relationships, Pittsburgh Society of Artists, Framhouse & jack gallery. Pittsburgh, PA.

2015    Cutting, Chelsea international competition, Agora Gallery, New York, NY

2006   Ticking time, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Pittsburgh, PA

2004   Kosher Crusade    Pittsburgh Print Group Witticisms, Criticisms, Cynicism, PCA. Pittsburgh, PA


Community Art  Projects

2017     Crossing the Line - Stamp and Pulp Org Artists Talk social Discussion. Pittsburgh

2017     Art as Therapy workshops for refugees relocated in Pittsburgh.

2014     Little Stories in the Sand, part II, Radiant Halls Open House Studios

2013     Little Stories in the Sand, part I, Radiant Hall Open House Studios

2012     The “Face” of Epilepsy, Naamat House, Andy Warhol Museum, Ed. Exhibition.


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