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Dafna Rehavia

My work is informed by a critical, feminist multiculturalism and deals with survival, identity and healing. I am concerned with the artistic themes of presence and absence, visible and invisible, recognition and erasure that relate to human experiences. Visually I touch upon the fine line that divide, combined or touch these opposites themes, the meeting seem.  I am interested in the form as complementary to its content and vise versa.

The materials I work with once combined in various juxtapositions are, for me, embodied with a complementary or conflicting cultural and psychological value and content. I have used and combined objects such as menstrual pads, earth, passports, dried garlic, nails, prayer rugs, gas masks, hair, soap, prayer books and other printed or written text. I use materials such as clay, plaster, resin, cardboard, paper and various fabrics. As a mixed media artists  I make  collage, assemblage, fiber art and installation. Within my art the juxtaposition of materials creates a dialogue of oppositions in the materials and ideas and expresses questions about existence.

Dafna Rehavia Education:

BFA & BED , Fine Arts. Beit Berl, Hamidrasha. Israel   

MA CAT  Art Therapy, Drexel   University, Philadelphia, USA

PhD  Therapeutic Arts, Psychology & Cultural Studies. Derby University, UK

Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh.


RELATIONSHIPS -  Mixed Media Sculpture, Framhous, Jssk                Gallery,  PSA Guild, Pittsburgh, PA US - 2016

CUTTING I - Mixed Media Fiber , AGORA Gallery, Chelsea                   International , New York City, NY  - 2015

TICKING TIME - Triptych assemblage, AAP Gild.  Pittsburgh                 Center for the Arts. ,Pittsburgh, PA, US 2006

KOSHER CRUSADE - Installation, Print Guild,   Pittsburgh                   Center for the Arts, PA US  2004